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Strandberg Consulting - Solutions for a Sustainable World

January 2011

Hello Friends, Hello New Year.

It’s time to make resolutions, to change unhealthy behaviour or start a project. Whatever our choices, it’s time to reflect on the change we want in our lives - and commit to making that change.

Sustainability is all about making change: behavioural change, operational change, investment change, purchasing change. In fact, sustainability is a massive change-management program. The challenge with many organizations, as with those who make personal resolutions, is that the road ahead is often unclear. What changes are required? How do we change behaviour?

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For the most part, sustainability is about integrating social and environmental factors into the business model - into functions and business lines, products, purchasing, governance, budgets, incentive compensations systems, etc. It’s a new way of doing things.

To conceive, introduce and sustain new behaviour requires tools, guidance and a good roadmap.

This is why I focus much of my practice on sharing the insights I gain as I help companies and municipalities introduce sustainability into their organizations.

In case you haven’t seen them, my last four blogs focused on different aspects of this integration or change-management project:

So if you need ideas for resolutions that will kick start change in your organization, check out these posts or visit the publications page on my website.

This year let’s all resolve to make changes that will help advance society and the planet toward sustainability.

All the best for a happy, healthy, sustainable New Year.


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