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September 2012

As we enjoy the seasonal change from summer to fall, I am captivated by the notion of transformation.

My computer offers nine possible definitions. Here are three that speak to the kind of transformation necessary to create a sustainable world:

transformation , trans•for•mā´ shon, n.

1. complete change
    • a complete change, usually into something with an improved
      appearance or usefulness.

No explanation required!

2. substitution of variables
    • the mathematical conversion of an expression, equation or
      function into another equivalent entity, e.g. by the substitution
      of one set of variables with another.

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Thank you mathematicians – in business and in the marketplace, we need to substitute one set of variables for another – for instance let’s replace the immediate gratification of quarterly returns with long-term planning.

3. sudden set change
    • a sudden changing of a stage set that takes place in sight of the audience.

Thank you thespians – yes we need a sudden set change. Let’s start with mental set and set of operating principles. If we don’t, we’ll see an even more dramatic set change in our natural environment and social well-being.

This summer, transformation was the theme of my research for Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR). As you’ll see in my latest blog post, we have developed a draft list of 18 characteristics of a transformational company. Already some companies are leading the way. If more companies embrace this kind of work, it will challenge the status quo of today’s business model. It’s not easy, but that’s what we need: a sudden set change.

We will present the transformational company characteristics at the upcoming CBSR Summit in Toronto on Nov. 7 for discussion and input. Please join us.

Now here’s more....


I continue to help a number of companies with their sustainable purchasing policies, CSR leadership strategies and accountability reports. Let me know if you would like help in this area.

Here are highlights from other current projects. I welcome any thoughts or questions you might have.

Sustainable Infrastructure

  • Developing sustainable infrastructure guidelines for major capital projects such as bridges, power stations, railways, seaports, airports, mines, pipelines, dams and other significant long term investments. The opportunity and the expectation that infrastructure generates net positive social
    and environmental benefits is becoming more important.

Executive Sustainability Compensation

  • Analyzed executive sustainability compensation of TSX60 companies and five co-operative businesses. Some early findings from the TSX60 research include: employee engagement, environmental compliance and health and safety are among the most common metrics in annual incentive plans of publicly traded corporations.

Sustainability Tools

Sustainable Industry Associations

Sustainable Shipping

Latest Blog Posts

Since my last newsletter, I've added the following posts to my blog. I welcome your thoughts on:

Transformational companies tackle the double whammy

Consider this definition of a transformational company:

To qualify as "transformational," a company must both transform its own business model toward sustainability and the larger economic ecosystem in which it exists.

That's a double whammy. But no company operates in complete isolation. So, in order to create a truly sustainable company, the economic system in which that company exists will also have to change – or be changed.

Excessive executive compensation not sustainable for companies – or society

Pop quiz: In 2010 the average Canadian CEO compensation package was how many times larger than that of an average entry-level employee?

▢ 5   ▢ 25   ▢ 85   ▢ 100   ▢ More
Answer: Read on.

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