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February 2014

Hello Friends:

Hey sweetie! Here on the west coast in the early mornings, we can already hear the chickadees calling their amorous greetings to each other. It’s a lovely sound – and it reminds me to spread the love – especially today, February 14. So, hug your sweetie. Hug a tree. Take time to be grateful for what you love about your life because in my world, gratitude and love are close cousins. I am grateful for my family, my home, my work and all my friends and colleagues around the world. I am grateful to be alive on this extraordinary planet. I believe that if we concentrate the power of our love and combine it with ingenuity, perseverance and creativity, we can make this world a better place. So, hey sweetie, let’s spread the love.

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News from Strandberg Consulting

Sustainable Pay

The Sustainable Pay Report, which explores how boards compensate executives for sustainability performance, was my most popular posting of all time with over 1,000 views.

This is one example of how sustainability is finally infiltrating corporate infrastructure – both for risk management and for value creation. I continue to research and advise on the emerging role of C-suite executives in advancing sustainability in the marketplace. And I am working to flesh out the sustainability role of each corporate function and to support those leaders. Recent work focused on human resources, procurement and governance mandates. Current work addresses corporate finance, risk management and as you’ll see below, superheroes.

CFO as Sustainability Leader

It could have been the underpants tweet ...

but I was pleased that my latest article in, Why CFOs are sustainability’s surprising new superheroes, generated more than two hundred tweets – a good number by GreenBiz standards and even better by mine! The article examines the importance of the CFO’s role in the evolution of sustainability in the marketplace. According to Deloitte global research, nearly two-thirds of finance chiefs expect their involvement in sustainability to increase by 2014. Discover why CFOs have this new power and how they can use it for good.

Watch for my Conference Board of Canada webinar on Feb. 25 where a seasoned finance executive and large institutional shareholder join me to discuss the emerging sustainability role of the Chief Financial Officer. Check out details here.

Sustainable Industries

I like to coach CSR managers on sustainability management, strategy and embedment.  And I also like to “wholesale” CSR at the industry sector level.  That’s why it was exciting to work with the Liu Institute for Global Issues at UBC to develop a CSR framework for the global maritime shipping industry.  This tool will be used to stimulate the shipping industry to go beyond regulatory compliance to collaborative social responsibility.  Does your industry association have a CSR or sustainability framework? If not, let me know – I have developed a guide to help all industry associations catalyze sustainability in their sectors.

Transformational Companies in Action!

As CSR undergoes a strategic shift, companies realize they cannot become sustainable on their own. In order to realize their sustainability and business aspirations, they need to move beyond incremental steps. This shift is documented in a set of 19 Qualities of the Transformational Company, which I produced for Canadian Business for Social Responsibility based on global research. I collaborated with Alexandria Fisher and CBSR to produce case studies of these qualities in action around the world. Check out what Unilever, Philips, Coca-Cola, NIKE, GE, Puma, BASF and others are doing to transform in their industries and regions. 

Transformational Education Sector

Two post-secondary education clients adapted the Transformational Company Qualities to the college sector to inform their sustainability strategies. This tool was a useful device to help the administration determine its strategic stance. If you are interested in pursuing transformational CSR or sustainability in your sector or field, feel free to adapt the tool for your purposes.

Supplier Engagement

As research into the transformational company reveals, leading procurement managers go beyond “screening” products for green or social attributes. Now they engage their suppliers to help those suppliers improve their sustainability performance. Leading procurement managers also collaborate with their suppliers on innovative solutions to sustainability challenges and opportunities. Indeed, supplier collaboration is becoming a common procurement practice, according to research I conducted with Virescent Consultants. Here is a handy tool buyers can use to develop options for supplier engagement.


I am speaking at the following events over the upcoming months. I hope you can join me.

Sustainability and the Corporate Finance Department: The Emerging Sustainability Role of the CFO
Conference Board of Canada Webinar
February 25, 2014, 1:00 pm EST
Register at this link for a $100 discount

From the Inside Out: Transformational Company Best Practices
GLOBE 2014
I am moderating a Transformational Company panel at GLOBE, including Telus, SC Johnson, Unilever and BASF. The discussion will address: How can we mobilize a global transformation of the business world?
March 26, 2014

Change Driver:  IKEA’s Transformational Journey
Conference Board of Canada webinar
April 8, 2014, 1:00 EDT
Register at this link for a $100 discount

Latest Blog Posts

Since my last newsletter, I've added the following posts to my blog. I welcome your thoughts on:

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Published September – November 2013.
A six-part blog series on the role industry associations can play to help members improve their sustainability performance and enhance overall sector sustainability. Read more.

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Published December 2013.
When I was a director of a financial institution in the 1990s, we struggled in vain to get top executives to pay attention to the Board’s sustainability priorities. To no avail. Then we stumbled upon the idea… Read more.

Harnessing the Market for Social Good
Published January 31, 2014.
The Canadian social marketplace has been on the drawing board for about 30 years. You might even ask, “What is a social marketplace?” It’s a mechanism where the power of business and market transactions are leveraged to enhance social well-being. Read more.

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