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Coro is the author of expansive research and resource tools that are invaluable aids on the route to a more sustainable and equitable world.

These resources are as vital as compass and guidebooks for organizations that are integrating sustainable practices into their firms and into the wider society, economy, and environment.

To accelerate a sustainable society, Coro shares more than 100 research, guidance and thought leadership publications, tools and solutions on integrating sustainability into business models, industry and the marketplace.

This information can help organizations understand trends and leadership in CSR and sustainability and develop and design sustainability strategies and business models.

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  • Linda Coady
    Coro helps her clients develop cost-effective strategies for integrating sustainability values and outcomes into all aspects of their activities. Be it governance, operations, procurement, employee engagement, risk management, branding and communications, or involvement with key external stakeholders - Coro helps you see the connections and leverage them to scale up impact and value.
    Linda Coady
    Former Vice President, Sustainability, 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
  • Bob Willard
    In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell describes three kinds of people: Mavens, Connectors, and Salesmen. Coro is a rare embodiment of all three. She is a walking encyclopedia of sustainability knowledge; she knows anyone who knows anything about sustainability and is a proactive hub in their network; and she is a master persuader who helps people see the relevance of innovative sustainability-related strategies to their organization's objectives. Her research is rigorous. Her recommendations can be trusted. She is one of the most credible sustainability champions that I know.
    Bob Willard
    Sustainability Champion & Speaker, Author of The Sustainability Challenge

Coro’s Publication Topics


Published February 2018

Social Purpose Finance and Administration in Higher Education – Sample Practices

This is a short paper introducing the concept of Social Purpose Finance and Administration in Higher Education. It includes sample practices of Social Purpose Finance and Administration in Higher Education in action.

Published September 2017

Sustainable Procurement Best Practice Framework

The Sustainable Procurement Best Practices Framework provides an overview of ten key sustainable procurement program elements based on the collective experience of public and private sector organizations and emerging best practices in sustainable purchasing.

Published September 2017

CSR / Sustainability Governance and Management Assessment

This is a comprehensive benchmarking tool to help organizations identify strengths, gaps and opportunities in fully integrating social and environmental factors in board governance and management. Coro continues to update this tool with new insights.

Published June 2017

Sustainable Purchasing Policy and Plan

Coro advised on this leading Sustainable Procurement Policy and Plan for the City of Mississauga, including its vision that the City’s procurement act as a catalyst for social and environmental innovation leading to a low carbon, circular and inclusive economy.

Published March 2017

Next-Generation Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Jobs

A short paper on how CSR and Sustainability jobs are transitioning from incremental, and operational roles to strategic, transformational and collaboration roles. Includes information on how this process is happening at both the practitioner and departmental level.

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