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Coro is the author of expansive research and resource tools that are invaluable aids on the route to a more sustainable and equitable world.

These resources are as vital as compass and guidebooks for organizations that are integrating sustainable practices into their firms and into the wider society, economy, and environment.

To accelerate a sustainable society, Coro shares more than 100 research, guidance and thought leadership publications, tools and solutions on integrating sustainability into business models, industry and the marketplace.

This information can help organizations understand trends and leadership in CSR and sustainability and develop and design sustainability strategies and business models.

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Coro’s Publication Topics


Published June 2017

Maximizing the Capacities of Advanced Education Institutions to Build Social Infrastructure for Canadian Communities

A Discussion Paper on Why and How Advanced Education Institutions Can Embed Social Objectives into All Their Roles, Functions and Relationships.

Published June 2017

Setting a Long-Term Sustainability Vision

This is a briefing note Coro wrote for the Conference Board of Canada’s Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility Institute on the approach leading companies are taking to create a long-term sustainability vision.

Published March 2017

Climate Leadership for Business

A guide on transformational climate leadership for business, outlining a number of practices companies can pursue to enable the transition to a low-carbon economy for itself and society.

Published March 2017

The Social Purpose Company

A primer on The Social Purpose Company that offers a definition, drivers and a strategy tool for business leaders to foster a discussion on the opportunities of becoming a social purpose company.

Published February 2017

The New Sustainability Vision: Setting Sail to a Better Future

This sustainability vision research will help you determine your approach to setting sustainability visions at your company. This research will show you how you can upgrade your company’s Vision Story.

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