Coro Strandberg works with businesses, government and industry associations to envision and innovate a sustainable future. She is an expert on sustainability leadership and transformational business practices and relationships.

Inspiring. Highly connected. Collaborative. Credible. Strategic and pragmatic. Experienced. On top of trends and best practices. A catalyst for change. Futurist. Mentor.

These are just some of the top-of-mind attributes clients use to describe Coro Strandberg. She’s a purpose-driven social and environmental sustainability expert with an impressive record of delivering innovative and progressive business solutions with measurable results.

coro-aboutCoro helps businesses, governments and industry associations create strategies and pursue business models to address social and environmental risks and opportunities that propel society towards a sustainable future.

As President of Strandberg Consulting, Coro combines strategic advice with practical, implementable solutions to advance businesses, governments and industry associations in their sustainability journey – whether they’re just starting out or poised for transformational impact.

She guides boards, executives, and sustainability practitioners toward social, environmental, and economic innovation that also creates shareholder and business value. She is an expert on sustainability leadership and transformational business practices and relationships, and her consultation efforts focus on long-term, big-picture changes.

For insights, tools, and tips on a step-wise approach to embedding and integrating sustainability into organizational culture for long-lasting results, Strandberg Consulting is a trusted resource.

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  • Coro is a visionary with a global view on sustainability. Transitioning society to a sustainable future requires exceptional leadership: Coro stands out from the crowd for her deep insights, extensive research and practical experience. We need more organizations to pursue accelerated sustainability and with Coro’s advice and guidance, solutions are within reach.

    Joel Makower Chairman and Executive Editor GreenBiz Group Inc
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