Coro Strandberg works with businesses, government and industry associations to envision and innovate a sustainable future.

An expert on sustainability leadership and transformational business practices and relationships, Coro believes sustainable business changes everything for the better.

She is at the forefront of shaping and advancing profitable social and environmental innovation, offering tailored services that position companies for leadership and marketplace success. Coro brings extensive Board, strategy, business and government experience and a vast knowledge of social, environmental and economic trends and pioneering transformational and social purpose strategies. She puts this experience to work to offer a winning combination of governance, strategy, integration, implementation, business function, and government and industry association expertise.

Coro champions effective business models that generate growth, enhance profitability and accelerate game-changing social and environmental solutions for society and customers. Her vision is of a marketplace for good.

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Companies that adopt sustainable business practices realize long term business success.

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Post-secondary’s postscript: universities becoming a greater force for good

Society is facing challenges and uncertainties that threaten social cohesion and community well-being. Universities are uniquely positioned to invent and scale the solutions needed to enable a better quality of life for all of society within planetary thresholds.

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Latest Publication

The Purpose Imperative: Why and How Boards are Embracing Purpose Governance to Drive Value

November 2022 in Sustainable Boards

This is a summary of the panel discussion describing how and why purpose leaders adopt best practices in purpose governance and execution and the benefits that result.

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Upcoming Event

Marketing on Purpose: How Marketing Differs in a Social Purpose Company

October 28 | 12pm – 1pm PST

Coro will be moderating this panel that will explore how social purpose companies overhaul their marketing as a force for good.

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Latest Podcast

Take the Purpose Plunge: How Social Purpose Companies Embed their Purpose into their DNA

Webinar on how three social purpose leaders ranked “Platinum” by Corporate Knights embedded their social purpose into their organization’s DNA moderated by Coro.

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What’s New

An Association’s Social Purpose: A Benchmarking Tool

Check out this resource for industry, business, and professional associations seeking to serve society in addition to serving their members by becoming a social purpose association.

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  • Global thought leader study on the Future of Business in Society provides insights into how the role of business is changing to be a force for good in the world and transition out of unsustainable products and operations.
  • The Sustainable and Just Association Canadian Benchmark provides insights into the current state of play of associations equipping their members to improve their sustainability performance and become forces of good.
  • Paper on the Role of Marketing in a For-Purpose Business. Read on to learn more about how marketing changes in a purpose-driven company.
  • Latest insights on “sustainable boards”, including the role of the board in providing oversight of ESG to protect and create long-term corporate value.
  • Interested in how CSR is evolving to Social Purpose? Check out these six Case Studies to learn more.


Coro guides businesses, governments and industry associations to develop and deliver real-world solutions to sustainability challenges. Companies that adopt sustainable business practices realize long term business success. Learn More.

Sustainability Strategy & Reporting

Coro can help elevate your company to sustainability leader. From development and planning to ground level execution and measurement to sustainability reporting, Coro brings a strategic outside perspective and balanced view throughout the process.

Coaching, Education & Facilitation

Coro guides leaders to integrate sustainability into the core of their organizations, and provides them with tools and resources tailored to address challenges, maximize opportunities and realize success.

Governance, Management & Implementation

Coro can help your organization with the hard work of implementing and embedding sustainability into the business and corporate culture. She can help your organization diagnose and remove barriers to sustainability integration in a cost-effective manner.

Industry Association & Stakeholder Engagement

Coro brings people together. She is well-known for her vast network of cross-sector connections which facilitate opportunities for private, public, and non-profit sector organizations to combine forces.

Why starfish on Coro’s home page? Because it’s a sustainability superstar. More than 2,000 of this resilient species live in every ocean in the world. From a lost limb, they can regenerate and replicate – continually transforming and recreating life! As importantly, starfish are self-sustaining, yet they are interdependent, thriving in collaborative communities. Diverse and beautiful, the starfish inspires us to live in harmony with each other and nature.

Join the sustainability conversation. Coro is active on Twitter and LinkedIn.