The Social Purpose & Transformational Company

Ready for business as UN-usual? Is your organization poised to become a game-changing leader in your sector – a new breed of business? Strandberg Consulting can guide your company to realize transformational opportunities.

After two decades of experimentation, corporate social responsibility has become an established business practice. But company leaders and CSR practitioners acknowledge they need to go further. They realize companies can’t become sustainable on their own, they need to set goals beyond their operations and the foreseeable future – even when the solutions don’t yet exist – in order to achieve long-term business success. Far-sighted managers recognize and act on emerging environmental, social and economic risks and opportunities that will affect the operating context of their business. They envision and catalyze a future in which their company is harnessing all of its assets, resources, people, capital, influence, relationships and scale to accelerate positive business and social growth.

These are social purpose and transformational companies, a new breed of business.

Coro has developed tools, roadmaps, the business case and guidance for becoming a social purpose, transformational company. She advises boards, managers, CSR professionals, and community investment practitioners on these innovative business models and develops strategies to achieve them.

What Can Coro Do for You?

  • Social purpose and transformation half-day workshops for those starting out or updating their sustainability strategies so teams can learn about the trends and identify top opportunities
  • Quick-check strategy reviews to help you uncover practical, innovative and impactful purpose and transformation measures
  • Board and manager education on social purpose and transformation trends, drivers, strategies and best practices
  • Social purpose and transformational gap and opportunity assessments and diagnostic reviews
  • Social purpose business model and corporate strategy redesign
  • Governance and management recommendations for integrating social purpose into organizational culture
  • Futures workshops, horizon scanning, risk management and scenario planning information and advice to engage finance, risk and strategy groups

Do you seek to be a game-changing leader in your sector and be an inspiration to others? Coro has the tools, roadmaps and experience to guide you on your journey.

The Social Purpose Company

Social purpose companies pursue a virtuous circle business model in which purpose drives profitability and growth. Here’s a way to communicate this approach to boards and leaders.

The Transformational Company Website

Leading companies adopt and pursue the qualities of a transformational company. Coro developed this global framework for Canadian Business for Social Responsibility to accelerate CSR and realize a sustainable future for business and society.

Visit the Website

The Qualities of a Transformational Company: How to Guide

Check out this free 100-page guide on The Qualities of a Transformational Company, the new business leadership standard. It includes how-to tips and tools, the business case, case studies and resources on nineteen best practices in corporate sustainability and social responsibility.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Reimagined

Coro conducts day-long training session for United Way donors on “the Social Purpose Company”.

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Inspirational and Educational Videos on the Transformational Company

Webinars on the Transformational Company

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