Vancouver Community College

Sustainability Vision and Strategy Development


The Manager of Environment and Sustainability hired Coro to help her update Vancouver Community College’s 3-year environmental sustainability plan.


logo-vccThe College had a strong pre-existing environmental plan and operational results, however the plan was generic and not distinctive. The following further issues were identified:

  • it was not connected to the college’s governance
  • it didn’t harness VCC’s unique opportunities to catalyze environmental benefits beyond its operations
  • it was overly tactical and lacked a long-term ambitious and aspirational vision
  • it did not position the college for leadership.


Coro applied her research into the Qualities of a Transformational Company to the education sector. She developed a “transformational education institution” framework to guide VCC through a consultation to identify opportunities for substantive transformation where the college could go beyond operational and incremental measures to reduce their environmental footprint.

The framework was a cost-effective tool to educate leaders on global best practices so they could quickly focus on top initiatives to scale sustainable results within the college and beyond.

She facilitated sessions with administrators, faculty, staff and students to prioritize transformational roles that would help the college attract students and faculty, build its brand, leverage its core competencies, improve its value proposition, reduce costs – and accelerate sustainability in the region. These sessions helped participants think long-term and visionary when setting the College’s vision and strategic course.


VCC’s new Environmental Sustainability Plan has a vision and goals to advance the college towards zero environmental impact and beyond, to evolve its role as a green community hub, catalyst and partner and ensure its students graduate with the competencies, connections, and inspiration to play a leadership role in transitioning Vancouver and the region to sustainability. Transformational goals include:

  • environmental governance best practices
  • increased on-campus environmental behaviours
  • restorative (net positive) environmental footprint
  • green supplier engagement
  • sustainability competencies for students
  • green trades training
  • leadership opportunities for faculty, students and the local community.

Coro helped connect VCC’s unique community and accessibility brand and value proposition to the Environmental Plan. This resulted in the creation of a green community hub concept in which the college engages community members and partners in environmental projects aligned to the college’s educational objectives.

She found ways to link the environmental plan to the college’s business priorities, making the initiative more relevant to college leaders. Coro also advised the manager on how to build the board’s capacity in sustainability oversight.

Her expertise in sustainable governance, social sustainability, community development, sustainable purchasing, sustainability competencies and public sector background brought cutting edge yet practical insights to the project.

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