Strandberg Consulting helps organizations transform in ways that puts social purpose at the heart of every decision they make. Strandberg Consulting can work with your organization, leveraging sustainability to reveal new market opportunities, grow your business, engage stakeholders – and become a force for good.

Coro Strandberg founded Strandberg Consulting in 2004 to provide strategic advice and facilitation services to organizations that seek to integrate social and environmental factors into their operations and business models. Strandberg Consulting also provides thought leadership, research and project management services to organizations advancing sustainability.

Leading organizations put social purpose at the heart of every decision they make. Coro is a catalyst, coach and strategic partner in this transformation with more than 25 years experience in business, government and non-profit sectors. She has tackled social, environmental and finance issues and will work to help your organization develop aspirational goals and make them actionable.

Board members, executives, and other influencers value Coro’s big-picture perspective, knowledge of sustainability leadership and her insight and ingenuity in tackling complex issues. She’s as comfortable in boardrooms as she is with front line staff and can play whatever role is needed for your success. With her deep and varied experience in finance, banking and investment, she understands the investor, banker, insurer and shareholder perspective.

Coro brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to clients, offering a combination of strategy, integration, implementation, business functions and board governance expertise. She has designed, managed, implemented, governed and advised on numerous sustainability strategies spanning decades and has the deep insight that comes with stages and phases of sustainability strategy development and execution. To learn more, check out Coro’s blog, newsletter, and publications.

  • I can always count on Coro to provide insightful, best-practice advice when I need it. Her expertise spans strategy, governance, structure, advocacy, engagement, purchasing, investment and more - she's an all-round expert we turn to again and again to help us become a catalyst for a sustainable society.

    Barbara Turley McIntyre Senior Director,Sustainability & CitizenshipThe Co-operators Group Limited
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