Leaders: put Coro’s expertise in sustainability and corporate social responsibility to work for you as a coach or advisor.

Whether it’s coaching on a regular, longer-term basis you seek or an expert resource for occasional or just-in-time strategic advice, Coro can provide the support you need to move ahead. She has the unique ability to quickly assess what’s needed and work with you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to go.

If you need a personal coach to help you build and flex your sustainability muscles and think creatively through sustainability challenges, Coro will work closely with you, employing equal parts passion, commitment and humour. You’ll build your confidence in and knowledge of issues, trends and best practices that will help position you as a business leader in sustainability. Over the past 20–plus years guiding and leading business through rounds of CSR and corporate sustainability strategies, she has coached dozens of people including those in business, government and the non-profit sector. Past coaching clients repeatedly remark on Coro’s talent for lifting them from where they are, inspiring them to achieve ambitious goals. They benefit from a challenging but supportive environment in which they experience impactful learning and enjoy lasting change.

Writing a briefing note, developing metrics or drafting a board strategy document? Coro can coach you in your role to effectiveness. She is efficient, timely, reliable and responsive helping you to meet challenging deadlines with professionalism and leading best practice advice. A creative, innovative problem-solver, Coro can quickly dissect an issue and show you the way to becoming a catalytic, impactful and results-oriented leader.

If you need an advisor to help you think creatively through complex issues – whether it’s integrating CSR into the business or identifying opportunities for leading edge CSR strategies and policies or building the business case for sustainability, etc. – Coro can help you get unstuck and collaborate with you to identify options for moving forward.

Clients comment that there are very few experts they could go to who can provide this level of unbiased advice, wisdom and perspective. Her expertise in sustainability strategy development AND integration and implementation has helped countless CSR and sustainability practitioners and can help you, too.

Contact Coro to find out how she can support you in your journey towards a more sustainable world.

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