Coro guides businesses, governments and industry associations to develop and deliver real-world solutions to sustainability challenges. She is an expert on sustainability leadership and transformational business practices and relationships.

Coro works with companies to design and implement leading and transformational sustainability and corporate social responsibility business models and strategies. She advises governments and non-profits on how to engage business and the marketplace to adopt sustainable practices. She supports industry and professional associations to develop tools, training and programs that encourage their members to improve their sustainability capacity.

Strandberg Consulting conducts research and thought leadership to catalyze profitable social and environmental business innovation.

  • We hired Coro when we needed expert guidance to develop a CSR strategy for our organization. From coaching on best practices in CSR and sustainability, to stakeholder and leader consultations, to board presentations, strategic facilitation and implementation support, Coro provided us with a wealth of advice. Thanks to her cutting edge insights, we elevated our CSR to a comprehensive strategy that positions us to be a company that realizes our social purpose.

    Susan Olynik Vice President, Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

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Sustainability Strategy & Reporting

Coro can help elevate your company to sustainability leader. From development and planning to ground level execution and measurement to sustainability reporting, Coro brings a strategic outside perspective and balanced view throughout the process.

  • Transformational and social purpose company vision, innovation and strategy
  • Vision, business model, strategy and policy development
  • Horizon scanning, futures workshops, benchmarking
  • Value chain, life cycle, materiality analysis and product innovation
  • Sustainability reporting, development of metrics and performance indicators

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Coaching, Education & Facilitation

Coro guides leaders to integrate sustainability into the core of their organizations, and provides them with tools and resources tailored to address challenges, maximize opportunities and realize success. With passion, commitment and humour, Coro coaches individuals and groups to build leadership, expertise and programs in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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Governance, Management, Implementation & Business Function Engagement

Coro can help your organization with the hard work of implementing and embedding sustainability into the business and corporate culture. There are few formulas for integrating sustainability into governance and day-to-day operational decisions. Coro can help your organization diagnose and remove barriers to sustainability integration in a cost-effective manner.

  • Sustainable governance and management reviews, gap assessments and training
  • Sustainable pay, executive compensation, competencies and human resource strategies
  • Sustainable purchasing and supply chain strategies, social sourcing
  • Sustainable risk, finance, and investment strategies
  • Integration, embedment, and implementation reviews, audits and advice

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Industry Association, Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration

Coro brings people together. She is well-known for her vast network of cross-sector connections which facilitate opportunities for private, public, and non-profit sector organizations to combine forces. They learn from each other and advance sustainability as partners with a common goal.

  • Industry association sustainability programs, toolkits, and guides
  • Stakeholder identification, mapping, and engagement strategies
  • Strategic partnership development
  • Industry, supply chain, and multi-stakeholder collaboration

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