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March 2019

“Beyond the Transaction” report on Enhancing Sustainable Real Estate Practices in BC

Posted in Leadership Strategies

“Beyond the Transaction” report on Enhancing Sustainable Real Estate Practices in BC is the result of research on professional development opportunities in real estate. This report takes the pulse of the real estate industry to explore two main questions: 1) What are the opportunities to further professional development in real estate to enhance sustainable real estate practise in BC? and 2) What is the value proposition to engage real estate professionals in sustainable real estate practices?

The report, commissioned by Real Estate Foundation of BC, investigates the opportunity and potential to equip real estate professionals and licensees with additional knowledge and practices that will position them to succeed in the future. The current pace and scale of disruption within the real estate industry has never been seen before. This evidence-based inquiry examines whether and how an enhanced focus, within the real estate profession, on sustainable real estate practices can strengthen the industry and foster a sustainable future for Realtors and their communities. The research was conducted in the summer of 2018.

The research on enhancing sustainable real estate practices explores opinions of organized real estate bodies, non-profit organizations working in real estate, realtors and managing brokers across BC. It finds that all groups are interested in opportunities to enhance sustainable real estate practices and believe there is a business case to do so.

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