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August 2021

Circular Economy Business Toolkit

Posted in Leadership Strategies

The Circular Economy Business Toolkit, commissioned and published by the National Zero Waste Council, is a how-to guide for businesses of all sizes, and sectors, to explore the opportunities of circular modes of design, production and service.

The Circular Economy Business Toolkit covers three key areas:

  • BUSINESS STRATEGY: how to develop a circular business strategy;
  • DESIGN INNOVATION: steps to include circular concepts in the design process; and
  • STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: how to engage top stakeholders in the circular initiative.

The Circular Economy Business Toolkit defines circular economy as an alternative to the predominant linear “take-make-dispose” economy of production and consumption, which relies on large quantities of materials and inputs, and produces a lot of waste. Regenerative by design, a circular economy keeps products, components and materials at their highest utility and value, at all times. It offers fresh opportunities for businesses and communities to more effectively compete and function in a resource-constrained world and provides a systems-based approach to preventing waste.

The guide draws on a wide range of existing resources and research to define key terms, outline how businesses can benefit, and present case studies from around the world.

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