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March 2022

ESG and SDG Guide for Associations

Posted in Sustainable Associations

The purpose of the ESG and SDG Guide for Associations which Coro co-authored with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is to inform, educate, and assist associations and their members to meet ESG and SDG goals. Associations can use the ESG and SDG Guide for Associations as a road map to foster ESG/SDG leadership and become or advance themselves as ESG/SDG associations. It provides step-by-step ideas for starting or advancing an ESG/SDG program and is a resource for associations to learn about the range of ESG/SDG practices they can pursue. It shows the opportunities associations can adopt to use their influence to improve their sector’s/profession’s ESG/SDG impacts. It enables associations to benchmark and validate their practices and can be used to support communications with members, partners, and governments.

The ESG and SDG Guide for Associations also includes a rating system methodology to help associations self-assess their ESG/SDG programs and provides a rating level/score. The rating results can be used to identify gaps and opportunities to improve association ESG/SDG programs and to benchmark and track progress over time.

The objectives of the ESG and SDG Guide for Associations are to:

  • Provide guidance and a roadmap for associations to improve their ESG/SDG programs.
  • Provide an ESG/SDG program rating system to self-assess the performance of associations and their programs. 
  • Provide clear requirements and tasks/actions for associations who wish to comply with the Guidance.
  • Help associations identify gaps and opportunities in their existing ESG/SDG programs to foster continuous improvement.

This ESG and SDG Guide for Associations is intended for:

  • Industry/Trade/Business associations
  • Professional/Occupational associations
  • Association members
  • Sustainability professionals
  • Academics
  • Government
  • Non-profit organizations

Read more at CSA’s website.

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