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January 2021

Purpose Marketing: The Rise of the Purpose-Led Brand

Posted in Implementation and Integration

In a purpose-driven business, the role of marketing changes: From advertising your products or services to building a social purpose brand ecosystem. From communicating to your customers to engaging them on purpose-inspired actions. From paid media to earned media. From passive to active customers – to customers who co-create new purpose products and amplify your message.

More and more consumers identify as belief-driven buyers, nearly two thirds according to Edelman’s 2020 Trust Barometer. That means they choose/switch/avoid/boycott a brand based on its stand on societal issues. Buying on belief is the new normal. Yet – attracting and retaining these consumers has been a mystery. Until now.

I moderated a dialogue for the Social Purpose Institute with three social purpose marketing visionaries in November 2020 to explore these questions and more. Their ideas are summarized into this Social Purpose Institute Insight Paper: “Purpose Marketing: The Rise of the Purpose-Led Brand”.

Read “Purpose Marketing: The Rise of the Purpose-Led Brand” to learn how the role of marketing changes in a purpose-led company. By following these insights marketers can build the company brand, attract and engage customers, and accelerate progress toward the company’s social purpose.

“Purpose Marketing: The Rise of the Purpose-Led Brand” covers these topics:

  • The Changing Role of Marketing
  • How Marketing is Different in a Social Purpose Company
  • Purpose Marketing Stages
  • Engaging Customers on Your Purpose
  • Dealing with Risks and Pitfalls

Learn how and why marketing is different in a social purpose company. Be inspired by these news ideas to build your company as a force for good and create a social movement around your brand.

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