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April 2022

Social Purpose Procurement Toolkit for Social Purpose Companies

Posted in Leadership Strategies

The Social Purpose Procurement Toolkit, published by the United Way Social Purpose Institute and written by Coro, provides tips and guidance to organizations that would like to mobilize their suppliers to adopt a social purpose as the reason they exist.

The Social Purpose Procurement Toolkit lists the following benefits organizations can realize by pursuing social purpose procurement:

  • Strengthen your supply chain
  • Increase supplier loyalty
  • Potential to be considered a preferred customer
  • Help find and create partners that can collaborate on shared social purpose goals
  • Encourage supplier innovation
  • Build brand and reputation
  • Inspire employees

As set out in the Social Purpose Procurement Toolkit, there are two routes to beginning this process, both focused on the first step of supplier awareness:

1) Raising the awareness of existing suppliers

2) Raising the awareness of prospective suppliers

The Social Purpose Procurement Toolkit provides case studies of four companies introducing their suppliers to social purpose:

  • Coast Capital Credit Union
  • Return-It
  • Monarch Structures
  • BC Lotteries Corporation

In order to mobilize business to unlock all of their assets, resources, relationships, influence, reach and scale they need to be introduced to the concept of social purpose business, in which the purpose of the business is to create a better world.

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