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May 2014

Sustainability Embedment Continuum

Posted in Implementation and Integration

Once organizations adopt a sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy they often seek to embed sustainability fully into their operations. For successful sustainability embedment it is important to understand the maturity curve. This maturity curve initiates with a compliance and transaction focus, evolves to a strategy focus, then to a knowledge and competency focus and finally, a business model focus. Leaders and executives may be interested in a discussion on the most appropriate approach and style to reflect the organization’s development and priorities.

Advancing Sustainability Embedment

It is essential to define sustainability for the organization, to ensure the business case is understood and to adopt a sustainability policy and vision. The organization’s sustainability embedment commitment will affect its approach.

For more suggestions on embedding CSR or sustainability into your governance and management see also: Sustainability Governance and Management Assessment Tool.

This is a sustainability embedment tool to help organizations think about its preferred approach.

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