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November 2016

Sustainability Integration: Strategies for Success

Posted in Implementation and Integration

After setting their sustainability direction, organizations need to invest in implementation measures to achieve success. This short guide on “Sustainability Integration: Strategies for Success” provides an overview of the top implementation strategies to ensure an organization can achieve its sustainability goals. Coro authored this guide for the Conference Board of Canada’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Institute.

“Sustainability Integration: Strategies for Success” provides an overview of the critical success factors that underpin successful sustainability integration and implementation. They are the foundational requirements that must be in place to enable sustainable progress, including:

  • Organization-Wide Definition
  • Business Case and Rationale
  • Training and Competency Development
  • Incentives and Scorecards

Leading organizations find that sustainability progress requires a strategic and orchestrated set of cultural activities. Embedding sustainability must be managed like any other business activity: it requires leadership commitment, targets, objectives, resources, leads, an action plan, and a way to measure success. It is necessary to understand and follow a change management process to engage employees, overcome resistance to change, and advance sustainability in an organization.

The guide on “Sustainability Integration: Strategies for Success” identifies a number of measures organizations should pursue to ensure their sustainability strategies are successfully implemented.

“Sustainability Integration: Strategies for Success” also provides an overview of the most valuable internal leverage points to accelerate and scale a sustainability culture. For organizations that want to go further, the tool includes a sustainability integration maturity model.

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