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March 2021

Sustainable Association Case Studies

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As society emerges from the global pandemic, everything is changed. Among the changes that trade, industry, and professional associations are grappling with are the new realities for themselves and their members. As society hurtles through the 21st century, the sectors and professions that built the Canadian economy are encountering a chasm, requiring a leap of faith into the future. Global social and environmental tectonic forces are reshaping the risks and opportunities industries and professions face as they steward the success of their organizations. Associations that represent professionals and organizations around the world will be upgrading their toolboxes to foster sector and professional resilience and relevance for the turbulent times ahead.

Leading associations understand this and are updating their value propositions for the new reality. Here is a report of seven industry and professional associations who continue to offer their members insights on how to excel in these turbulent times: Sustainable Association Case Studies.

Sustainable Association Case Studies profiles the following organizations:

Industry associations

  • Mining Association of Canada
  • Colleges and Institutes Canada
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • Burnaby Board of Trade

Professional associations

  • Governance Professionals of Canada
  • CPA Canada
  • Canadian Institute of Planners

Sustainable Association Case Studies covers the following practices:

  • Definitions and scope
  • Board governance
  • Management system
  • Operations
  • Information
  • Education
  • Consultation
  • Practices
  • Tools
  • Industry collaboration
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Government
  • Suppliers
  • Marketing
  • Public Engagement

Sustainable Association Case Studies offers practices and insights into how associations can help their members accelerate a just and sustainable future.

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