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September 2017

Sustainable Procurement Best Practice Framework

Posted in Implementation and Integration

Purchasing departments and supply chain managers seek to have best practices in sustainable procurement. The Sustainable Procurement Best Practice Framework is a tool to help with this exercise. The Sustainable Procurement Best Practices Framework provides an overview of ten key sustainable procurement program elements based on the collective experience of public and private sector organizations and emerging best practices in sustainable purchasing. It identifies the key policies and practices that make for a solid and impactful program that manages risk and delivers tangible business results.

These ten elements are defined and coupled with real-world examples from the public sector. They include:

  • Strategy and Action Plan
  • Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Risk, Opportunity and Innovation
  • Dedicated Staffing and Resources
  • Tools and Procedures
  • Training and Communications
  • Supplier Engagement
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Leadership and Collaboration

These practices must be in place to be assured that your organization is managing its risks and seizing the opportunities of sustainable procurement. Procurement managers and buyers are encouraged to use this Sustainable Procurement Best Practice Framework to see which of these practices you have fully achieved, partially achieved, or have not achieved or started. Identified gaps can become opportunities to developing sustainable purchasing best practices.

Strandberg Consulting provided advice on the update of this Sustainable Procurement Best Practice Framework to Reeve Consulting.

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