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Strategies for accelerating social purpose in business: an interview

Published on December 11, 2023

Social purpose in business is taking off, but to realize a sustainable future, this business trend needs to be accelerated. In this 25-minute interview I unpack opportunities to create an enabling environment for social purpose business to start, transition, thrive and grow.

The interview was generously organized by Victor Beausoleil and is hosted by the engaging Blessed Brooks of SETSI (Social Economy Through Social Inclusion). This is one in their series to lift up voices of people and organizations building a world that thrives on innovation and diversity as catalysts for community prosperity and inclusivity. SETSI’s mission is to engage and provide meaningful opportunities to the historically under-represented communities in the social economy, social finance, impact investing and cooperative ecosystems.

In this interview I describe the purpose and vision of the Canadian Purpose Economy Project, the levers of change we are influencing in the economy so social purpose business becomes mainstream, how our work relates to impact investing, venture capital and philanthropic innovation, and challenges to accelerate the purpose economy and how to overcome them. I wrap up with a call to action that listeners become social purpose champions and bring social purpose into their own lives and organizations. If organizations, sectors, and associations become purpose-driven we can put humanity on a sustainable path with no one left behind and everyone at the front.

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