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The corporate boardroom is being transformed—for a good purpose

Published on February 11, 2022

Leading organizations, companies and boards are coming to realize that to be truly successful, they must articulate and maintain their purpose in playing a role in the social good. They see that business can be—must be—a force for good to ensure the planet and those on it can thrive into the future. Society is demanding it, and the world’s largest investors have found that corporate social purpose is a driving force behind long-term sustainable value.

This episode of the Governance Professionals of Canada’s Governance Voice podcast explores the concept of corporate social purpose, how it differs from corporate social responsibility, and how it helps businesses answer the fundamental questions of why they exist.

It provides a comprehensive look at how boards can navigate the purpose terrain. From the role a board plays in adopting a social purpose to the role of the board in ensuring it is executed—and everything in between.

I’m thrilled to be this edition’s guest to help explain all that.

Interested in the podcast? You can listen to it here.

Prefer the video? Watch it here.

And for a quick read on purpose governance and why it matters to your organization and to society, click here.

To see exactly what governance steps your organization can take to help make a better world and assure it’s long-term success check out this playbook—the first-ever Purpose Governance Framework.

It doesn’t take super-human powers to move your organization beyond delivering just financial performance to showing how it makes a positive contribution to society. Companies and their boards all over the planet are demonstrating that real people and real businesses can make a real difference. Your organization can be one of them.

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