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We need a vaccine for business, as well

Published on May 7, 2021

With global COVID-19 vaccinations underway, there is hope for another kind of vaccine to inoculate society from the path we are on — which sees environmental and social indicators spiraling out of control.

What is that new vaccine? It is a prescription for a call to action for business around the world to overcome the pandemic of the old economic order and put society on a path of long-term wellbeing for all within nature’s limits.

Where is that prescription? It’s in this new report on The Future of Business in Society, commissioned by the Canadian government and published last month. 20 global thought leaders who specialize in re-imagining and re-engineering business and the economy towards a flourishing future were interviewed for their insights.

Check out my article at Sustainable Brands to learn what leading businesses are doing to accelerate society’s progress to a sustainable and just future for all.

Sustainable Brands

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