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July 2023

Social Purpose Practices Kit

Posted in Leadership Strategies

The Social Purpose Practices Kit is a portfolio of social purpose implementation practices Coro wrote for the United Way BC Social Purpose Institute. The Social Purpose Practices Kit profiles 15 social purpose companies and 40 examples of social purpose in action, as listed below:

Each practice in the Social Purpose Practices Kit covers the following:

  • Description of the practice
  • Reason for adopting the practice
  • When to adopt the practice
  • How to implement the practice

The Social Purpose Practices provide from 2 – 4 sample practices for insight and inspiration to help companies on their social purpose path.

Read the Social Purpose Practices Kit to:

  • Gain insight into what it means to be an authentic social purpose company
  • Learn the steps to transition to a purpose-led business model
  • Benefit from tips for your own approach to social purpose implementation
  • Manage risks and avoid failures by adopting tried and true approaches
  • Save time by learning from others

The Social Purpose Practices Kit also includes two longer case studies of leading social purpose companies: Coast Capital and Hemlock Printers.

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