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Sustainability, CSR, ESG Integration Tool

Implementing and embedding sustainability into the business and corporate culture is hard work. There are no proven formulas for integrating sustainability into governance and day-to-day operational decisions. Many organizations find that after the long process of building and adopting a sustainability policy or strategy, they stall. Often, the environmental or sustainability plan becomes siloed within the organization, resulting in delays and disorganization. As well, functional leaders don’t always understand the plan’s relevance to their area.

The Sustainability, CSR, ESG Integration Tool is designed to help sustainability practitioners identify the key levers to foster a sustainability culture in the organization. Barriers that the Sustainability, CSR, ESG

fi-sustainability-integration-pathwayIntegration Tool can help address include:

  • Lack of understanding of sustainability
  • Lack of a business case
  • Lack of take-up across the company
  • Lack of commitment

It can be challenging for sustainability managers to overcome these familiar hurdles, but not impossible. If you’re looking for key areas to focus on, the Sustainability, CSR, ESG Integration Tool provides an overview of the crucial internal leverage points needed to embed sustainability into your corporate culture and enable successful delivery of your sustainability strategy.

It addresses:

  • Commitment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Function Engagement
  • Board Engagement

The Sustainability, CSR, ESG Integration Tool also identifies the top external levers to foster a sustainability culture, including sustainability report, partnerships and collaborations and expert sustainability advisory panels.

Download your copy of the Sustainability, CSR, ESG Integration Tool.

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