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Transitioning to an inclusive, low-carbon and circular economy: how associations can help

Published on March 21, 2022

Even as society is coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, other social and environmental indicators continue to spiral out of control. Sectors, professions, occupations and the associations that represent them are key to putting society on a sustainable course, but they must act now. Fortunately, guidance, best practices and roadmaps exist to help associations find the paths to a sustainable future.

Following on two reports commissioned by the Canadian government to unlock the potential of associations to build sustainability competency and practices of their members, earlier this year I collaborated with Dana Coble, American sustainable business strategist, to survey 13 national US associations to see how some of them have made sustainability and ESG part of their mission and operations.

Many associations have advanced quickly down the path of sustainability, and the survey reveals their top sustainability priorities, what ESG practices they have in place and the benefits they see from having sustainability programs.

The key survey results can be found in this article which is part of Boardroom’s Building Back Better series.

Read the article at Boardroom.


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