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July 2022

Business Led ESG Collaboration: How-to Guide for Business

Posted in Leadership Strategies

“Business Led ESG Collaboration: How-to Guide for Business” is a resource for businesses that recognize they need to collaborate with peers and competitors in industry to build a sustainable future for themselves and society. “Business Led ESG Collaboration: How-to Guide for Business” shows that, by collaborating, businesses can:

  • research trends and issues
  • learn about best practices
  • develop transition pathways
  • co-innovate and fund solutions
  • engage suppliers and other sectors
  • partner with government on sustainable innovation and public policy
  • partner with the non-profit sector
  • mobilize capital
  • transform markets
  • use the influence, reach and scale of their sector

“Business Led ESG Collaboration: How-to Guide for Business” is a guide to help Canadian businesses understand opportunities to join existing or launch new collaborations to improve the social and environmental performance and impact of their sector – while de-risking their industries. With this guide, businesses have a roadmap to address the sustainability priorities of their sector and stakeholders.

“Business Led ESG Collaboration” is also a valuable resource for other organizations (e.g., government, non-profits, post-secondary institutions) seeking to engage business and industry on social and environmental issues.

Leading businesses are encouraged to use “Business Led ESG Collaboration” for strategies to engage their peers, competitors, suppliers, and business partners and customers on the opportunity of collaboration for a sustainable industry and future.

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