As a thought leader and expert in sustainability, Coro shares her ideas on advancing corporate social innovation through speaking engagements, presentations and webinars on a wide range of topics.

She posts her events and video, audio and webinar presentations on trends and best practices in corporate sustainability and responsibility so others can accelerate their social leadership. She speaks with knowledge, experience and passion on a host of subjects.

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Speaking Engagements

What is the State of Purpose Governance in Canada?

Free Webinar

June 14, 2024 | 1–2pm EST

Hosted by Canadian Purpose Economy Project and Governance Professionals of Canada. Coro is the keynote speaker and will provide an overview of the purpose governance trend and best practices.

ESG and the Role of the Board: The drivers and basics in ESG governance


June 20, 2024 | 1–4pm EST

Hosted by Governance Professionals of Canada.

Session 4: Purpose and Stakeholder Oversight: New frontiers in governance


November 18, 2024 | 1–4pm EST

Hosted by Governance Professionals of Canada.


Addressing the Purpose Say-Do Gap

Social purpose is on the move. More and more companies are adopting a social purpose as the reason they exist but often the effort stops there. Following adoption, companies need to ensure the social purpose is implemented authentically, in collaboration with stakeholders to achieve it. There is often a purpose governance gap, for companies governed by a board of directors.

Strategies for accelerating social purpose in business: an interview

Social purpose in business is taking off, but to realize a sustainable future, this business trend needs to be accelerated. In this 25-minute interview I unpack opportunities to create an enabling environment for social purpose business to start, transition, thrive and grow.

Coro calls on associations to become drivers of positive change at conference

Coro was a panelist at the Canadian Society of Association Executives 2023 national conference. Here she is talking about her vision for associations – and their members – playing their part to put humanity on a positive course.

Coro Participates in Global Conference via Hologram

Coro was a keynote speaker at the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers annual global conference in August 2023. She participated by hologram and spoke on Events as a Force for Good.

Introduction to Purpose Governance and the board’s role in purpose oversight

In honour of Purpose in Business Week, Governance Professionals of Canada’s Manager of Education, Administration, and Special Projects, Letricia Fullerton, sits down with Coro Strandberg, the President of Strandberg Consulting.

Becoming a Purpose-Driven Company: Tales from the Trenches

GreenBiz 2021 Panel Session discussing the why and how of pivoting from CSR to Purpose moderated by Coro.


Check out this short video where executives from Unilever, TELUS and BASF discuss transformational corporate leadership in this GLOBE 2014 panel moderated by Coro.

National Zero Waste Council

Coro moderates a discussion on new circular economy business models for the National Zero Waste Council, 2014.

Net Impact Conference

Coro made a presentation to UBC business students at the 2013 Net Impact Conference.

Circular Economy Business Model Innovation

Coro provides a 20 minute overview of her research into circular economy business model innovation which she conducted for the National Zero Waste Council. She profiles 8 case study companies which are successfully becoming circular enterprises and shows how. Check out these times: 18:00 – 38:00 or watch the whole show.

Introduction to the Transformational Company Qualities

Watch this 30 minute “Introduction to the Qualities of a Transformational Company” to learn what they are, why and how they were developed, why they are important and how you can use them in your corporate sustainability and social responsibility practice.


The Purpose Economy: Reshaping the metrics of business success

Listen to this Globe and Mail recording of Coro and business leaders exploring the social purpose business trend.

Shaping the Future: Strategies for a Purpose-Driven Economy: Podcast

Dive into the future of small business with this podcast hosted by CanadianSME Small Business Magazine. SMEs (small and medium enterprises) account for more than 97% of the Canadian economy – and are setting the pace in purpose adoption across the country.

Introduction to Purpose Governance and the board’s role in purpose oversight

In honour of Purpose in Business Week, Governance Professionals of Canada’s Manager of Education, Administration, and Special Projects, Letricia Fullerton, sits down with Coro Strandberg, the President of Strandberg Consulting. Today, they discuss the foundation and growing trend of purpose governance, as well as the role of governance professionals and boards in supporting these changes in their organization. This is a one-hour tutorial for boards and governance professionals on the board’s role in adopting and providing oversight of corporate purpose. Everything boards need to know about social purpose in one place!

How companies are leading the way into a sustainable future

If you roll your eyes at investment jargon like corporate social responsibility and environmental social governance analysis, then you’ll love this episode of Responsible Investing for a Sustainable Economy. Led by host Tim Nash, we go looking for companies that are truly leading the way into a sustainable future. Coro Strandberg, president of Strandberg Consulting and co-founder of the Social Purpose Institute at United Way, tells us about social purpose businesses who are aiming higher than just profit maximization. Joyce Sou, director for business development at B Lab U.S. & Canada, tells us about the rigorous B Corp certification that helps separate true sustainability leaders from companies who are just paying lip service to the idea.

Closing the Loop
Diversity in Sustainability and how the pandemic has enabled a purpose-driven economy

How has the pandemic affected sustainability? Diversity and sustainability experts Heather Mak and Coro Strandberg return to Closing the Loop to chat with Allen about diversity in sustainability and how the pandemic has enabled a purpose-driven economy. They discuss what a purpose-driven economy is, how the pandemic has enabled it, and equity, diversity, and inclusion in sustainability.

Closing the Loop
Sustainability Roundtable

Is sustainability just a trend? Heather Mak and Coro Strandberg – who have each made a career in leading sustainability in their sectors – chat with the CEO of Return-It, Allen Langdon, about the global shift to prioritizing sustainability. They share advice for companies looking to engage in sustainability efforts, what is leading the environmental movement, what responsibilities organizations have, and more.

In these two podcasts Coro discusses trends in corporate social value creation, transformational companies, and why it’s in a company’s interest to help resolve some seemingly intractable social, economic and environmental challenges.

Part One

Part Two

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