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January 2023

Intersectoral Collaboration Assessment Tool

Posted in Social Sustainability

Developed in collaboration with Chris Lau, Junxion Strategy for the Township of Langley.

The Intersectoral Collaboration Assessment Tool is a resource for community change-makers seeking to address the challenges facing society today. It is designed for organizations, individuals, and collaborations to help them increase the impact of their collective efforts.

Intersectoral collaboration unlocks untapped resources, expertise, and insights, including the knowledge of traditionally marginalized groups. It can draw on leaders from social purpose driven businesses, climate and social justice activists, and recent immigrants to foster new ideas and innovations. It can employ virtual and digital technology, as well as greener and more climate resilient approaches, to ensure the collaboration process itself is contributing to the solutions. By creating the conditions to enable effective intersectoral collaboration, we can be better prepared for the threats that will face our society in the future.

The Intersectoral Collaboration Assessment Tool can be used as a guide when setting up new collaborations and to evaluate existing collaborations.

The Intersectoral Collaboration Assessment Tool defines intersectoral collaboration, summarizes the benefits and barriers, and profiles critical success factors. It distinguishes traditional collaborations from intersectoral collaborations and describes a set of key principles for effective collaboration. It introduces a scorecard, which is fillable and generates a score for the user. It addresses collaboration practices, collaboration process, enabling conditions, and technology on a maturity continuum from foundational, to advanced, accelerating, and transformational.

The Intersectoral Collaboration Assessment Tool is an essential resource for anyone involved in a collaboration for a better community or world.

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