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March 2022

Circular Business Insights

Posted in Leadership Strategies

Circularity is on the rise. Leading businesses understand the imperative to transition their business models to future-proof their companies in the face of looming resource constraints and society’s growing inability to manage its waste. This Circular Business Insights report unpacks the nature of the transition at the company level. It is based on research conducted in 2015 and then in 2021 of companies pursuing circular innovations. The research was commissioned by the National Zero Waste Council, an initiative of Metro Vancouver, which brings together governments, businesses, and NGOs to advance a waste prevention agenda that maximizes economic opportunities for the benefit of all Canadians. In 2021 The Council published the Circular Economy Toolkit, authored by Coro, which includes case studies of six businesses pioneering in the circular economy.

This companion report on Circular Business Insights looks across the case studies to unearth lessons to innovate and scale circular economy business models.

The Circular Business Insights report reveals insights on the following topics:

  • Social purpose and entrepreneurship
  • Innovation cycles
  • Customer reception
  • Funding and technology
  • Collaboration and impact
  • Waste and logistics infrastructure
  • Business benefits
  • Long-term investment and visions
  • Areas for future research

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