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September 2021

Social Purpose Assessment Tool

Posted in Leadership Strategies

The Social Purpose Assessment Tool is a tool for companies that have a social purpose to assess and rate the degree to which they have a compelling purpose, and the purpose is embedded in the company and its relationships. The Social Purpose Assessment Tool includes 25 practices across the following practice areas:

  1. Purpose and Values
  2. Governance and Leadership
  3. People and Culture
  4. Operations
  5. Customer Experience and Marketing
  6. Business Ecosystem
  7. Monitoring and Reporting

To authentically and impactfully deliver on your purpose, it will be ideal to have many of these practices in place across these functions.

You can use the Social Purpose Assessment Tool to identify gaps and opportunities to advance you on your Purpose Path.

It will be important to have many of these practices in place to avoid purpose-washing and fostering cynicism among employees and other stakeholders. This tool is suitable regardless of the size of company or the nature of its industry. It is equally applicable to business to business (B2B) companies as to business to consumer companies (B2C). Start-ups can use this to guide them in bringing their purpose to life as they grow their business.

Visit the Social Purpose Institute at United Way for a fillable version of the Social Purpose Assessment Tool.

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