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February 2023

The Social Purpose Professional

Posted in Leadership Strategies

The Social Purpose Professional is a resource for people and organizations seeking to advance social purpose in their organization and broader society. The Social Purpose Professional introduces steps business leaders can pursue to equip themselves and their teams to embed their company’s purpose into their everyday work – and to mobilize their profession to adopt a social purpose as the reason the profession exists.

The Social Purpose Professional is a senior leader who embraces their organization’s social purpose and seeks to embed it in their department and functional teams, and across their broader profession. They become a force for good in their organization and beyond. They encourage other businesses in their ecosystem to adopt a social purpose and engage professional peers within and outside the organization to become purpose driven. They role model social purpose decision-making and actively champion social purpose within and beyond their organization and profession.

Functional teams that the Social Purpose Professional may guide and support include finance and accounting, sales and marketing, product development, legal and corporate affairs, governance, operations, procurement, risk, human resources, strategy, information technology, customer service, communications, distribution, etc.

The Social Purpose Professional is a tool covers the following steps:

  1. Learn about social purpose
  2. Establish a peer reference group to share ideas and best practices
  3. Engage your team to integrate social purpose in their mandate
  4. Mobilize your ecosystem to take up social purpose
  5. Adopt a personal purpose
  6. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

It includes a number of resources for further insights and information. The Social Purpose Professional is a guide that people and organizations can use to embed social purpose in their organizations and become a greater force for good in the world.

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